Game Bend It Like Chhota Bheem online

Game Bend It Like Chhota Bheem

Game Bend It Like Chhota Bheem online.

Chot had an opportunity to get even with the hooligan Kali for all his tricks. But do not think that our hero decided to fight, he is not going to sink to the level of banal massacre. A fair punishment for the villain will be on the football field in the game Bend It Like Chhota Bheem. Kali stands at the gate, and you with the help of the hero must score him a maximum of balls. Your success and skill depends on your skill and skill. The sight will show you where the ball will go, but it is necessary to predict the movement of the goalkeeper so that he does not appear in the same place and does not repel the attack. The game is given a certain time, hurry to throw the enemy balls.

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