Game Dinotrux Revvit's Repair Rally online

Game Dinotrux Revvit's Repair Rally

Game Dinotrux Revvit's Repair Rally online.

Leader Dinotraksa - Taya has a good and faithful friend Revit. Its dimensions are much inferior to the rest of the dinomachines, but its contribution to the common cause is important. Revit is a hybrid of a lizard and a rotary drilling mechanism. He is fast as a reptile and is able to instantly drill a deep hole in any breed. In the game Dinotrux Revvit's Repair Rally the hero will play the role of a snake, which is close to him in spirit. After the training of dynotracks, many spare parts were left on the field. They are quite suitable and can be used for repair. Help the character to go over the field and collect all the gears. They will cling to the tail and increase the length of the hero.

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