Game Dinotrux Create and Paint online

Game Dinotrux Create and Paint

Game Dinotrux Create and Paint online.

You have already met the prehistoric world inhabited by dynotraxes. In the game Dinotrux Create and Paint you will have the opportunity to replenish its strength and make it more diverse. We invite you to the workshop for the creation of unique creatures - hybrids of dinosaurs and machines. Choose a species: Stegobasaurus, Ankoldamp, Craneosaurus, Bulldozer, Tyrannosaurus Traks. These are already known and existing species. On their basis you can collect a completely new one, not like the others. It will be your own invention. Start with the trunk, limbs, head and tail. Choose a coloring and a little friend who will constantly accompany the newly made dinotrax. At the end, give it a name.

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