Game The Fallout Equestria Remains online

Game The Fallout Equestria Remains

Game The Fallout Equestria Remains online.

Beautiful country Equestria, which seems to you as a blossoming state with a population of ponies and various fantastic creatures, is a thing of the past. You will be unpleasantly surprised when you enter the game The Fallout Equestria Remains and you will see gloomy gray pictures of destruction and wasteland. This is the possible future of a happy world that has not taken care of its security. Angry aliens attacked the carefree population of the pony and dropped atomic bombs. The survivors remained few, the inhabitants went underground. A cyber pony was created to explore the surface. You will manage one of them. Our hero has besides the usual skills and special - telekinesis. It can move objects in space, which greatly expands its capabilities.

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