Game It's a Spongebob Christmas online

Game It's a Spongebob Christmas

Game It's a Spongebob Christmas online.

In Bikini, Bottom always celebrate Christmas on a grand scale - this is one of the most important holidays for all residents. SpongeBob constantly comes up with new ways of entertainment during the New Year's weekend. He was already busy preparing the crabsburgers not to stand by the stove during the celebration. But for today he has plans to make gifts. He wants to please everyone and has already packed up a dozen colored boxes. His friends decided to distract the friend from the Christmas troubles and arranged a transfer of gifts. You can take part in the fun, if you play in It's a Spongebob Christmas. Catch the falling bandaged boxes, clicking on them, if you see lumps of wrapping paper or other objects that are not like gift bags, do not touch them.

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