Game Chhota Bheem & Header Football online

Game Chhota Bheem & Header Football

Game Chhota Bheem & Header Football online.

King Dholakpura decided to arrange a holiday for his subjects and announced the start of the football championship. The game will be slightly different from the traditional football and above all the fact that the new rules can only be played with your head. The game is more like beach volleyball, but it did not scare away the participants and the athletes from different countries: Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, America, Uruguay, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, France, Great Britain. For the Indian team plays Chota Bhim, and you will pick up the opponent yourself, as well as the duration of the match. The task of the game Chhota Bheem & Header Football - do not let the ball touch the lawn on its side.

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