Game Cars 2: World Grand Prix online

Game Cars 2: World Grand Prix

Game Cars 2: World Grand Prix online.

In the game Cars 2: World Grand Prix, we'll go to the world where the characters from the animated cartoon Cars live. Today, in one of the cities of this world, the famous Grand Prix race is held. We will take part in it. At the beginning of the game we have to choose the character for which we will play. Remember that they differ in speed characteristics. After that, you will find yourself along with the rivals on the starting line. At the signal, your wheelbarrow picking up speed will fly to the finish line. You at a speed will need to overtake opponents and smoothly enter corners. Remember that if you fly off the road, your speed will drop significantly and you will again need to accelerate your car. Just collect the lightning icons on the road. They will give you additional acceleration.

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