Game Calimero Tresaure online

Game Calimero Tresaure

Game Calimero Tresaure online.

It is difficult for those who were born unlike others to live. Babe Kalimero is a chicken, he differs from his brothers and sisters in that his plumage is not like everyone else's - yellow, but black. On the head the chick wears a part of the shell, like a hat. The hero does not lose heart and does not get upset about his original appearance, he is cheerful and inquisitive, and also too curious, so he constantly gets into all sorts of stories. In the game Calimero Tresaure you will find the baby on the present, but an abandoned pirate ship. The team left the ship for unknown reasons, leaving three chests on the deck. Before opening them, set each value from 1 to 5 and press the lever on the right. In the chest can be not only coins.

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