Game Gods of Arena Battles online

Game Gods of Arena Battles

Game Gods of Arena Battles online.

To win the honorable right to participate in the battle on the big arena in the Coliseum, you will have to lay a couple of dozen rivals in a traditional tavern. There, any unknown vagabond has a chance to become famous if there is strength and brains. Call to fight another fighter and give him a hug. For the victory you will receive coins and immediately spend them in a special shop where you can buy a sword of damask steel, a helmet and other protective equipment. Gradually from the tramp, your hero will turn into a brave warrior, who will not be ashamed to appear in front of the solid public even in the Colosseum. In the game Gods of Arena Battles you have to work out a clever strategy, because when the character comes out into the ring, you will only have to watch.

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