Game 123 Sesame Street: ABC Hungry online

Game 123 Sesame Street:  ABC Hungry

Game 123 Sesame Street: ABC Hungry online.

Babe Abby is so clever that she undertook to teach the reading and writing of her friend Korjik. This blue mappet does not know a single letter of the alphabet, it is urgent to solve this omission! The only thing that confuses the girl is that Korzh's desire to learn is completely absent. Then she came up with a slightly different way of studying. The girl baked delicious sugar cookies in the form of hieroglyphs of the alphabet and does not allow him to eat this yummy until the poor fellow calls the letter to him. Click on the signs that are in the air bubbles, speak through the rumor and try to feed the starving Korzh. A series of classes and he will know all the letters by heart!

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