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Game online.

Table games confidently move to the virtual world on the online field, so you can find your opponents around the world and play with them. Meet the game Wizardz. io. To begin with, the game must find you an opponent, if you already have a worthy opponent on your mind, copy the link for it. Entering the game spaces, you will turn into a powerful sorcerer who resides in a tall tower. So it is accepted at mages, therefore all the others too are hidden on towers. Your task is to destroy the structure of the enemy, using all the opportunities given to you. Turns are made alternately and at this time you can hire a warrior from a set of fantastic creatures, set it to a position or send it to an attack. To win, you need to know a few rules. The tower can be destroyed only with a third strike, the round lasts 10 minutes and the winner will be determined by the level of health of the tower. Units go anywhere except the orcs, to kill gold, kill enemies and move closer to the tower.

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