Game Zombie Survival Ultimate online

Game Zombie Survival Ultimate

Game Zombie Survival Ultimate online.

Life in the village is good, if there is a cozy house and enough funds for living, or there is an opportunity to earn it. Our hero in the game Zombie Survival Ultimate did not have normal conditions and he decided to move to the city for work. He got into the car and went to the nearest large populated point, but on arrival instead of the stormy city life he discovered complete desolation. The streets were not crowded with townspeople, there was no transport. The hero left the car and heard the sound of a siren, and soon silhouettes appeared in the distance. As he approached, the guy realized that he urgently needed to save his own skin, because it was not people who were approaching him, but living dead. He was dumbfounded with fear and it's time for you to stir him up and get him to act. Flee until you find the weapon. You will find a bazooka, grenade launcher, chainsaw, automatic, knife. Take what you like best.

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