Game Jajoko Jacare Yrupe online

Game Jajoko Jacare Yrupe

Game Jajoko Jacare Yrupe online.

South African alligator Yayoko very long sought for a place of residence, where he could live in his own pleasure and finally found. This area is called Jajoko Jacare Yrupe, located in the south-west of the country. For the crocodile, a very good microclimate is created here, as well as food is easily extracted. Every day a lot of people are resting on the beaches of the island on the lake. Each of them swims by boat to the middle of the lake, where they are waited in green Yayoko burdock. Deftly maneuver the crocodile while boats with people begin to sail to his hunting place and grab each one by himself.

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