Game Umbrella Falling Guy online

Game Umbrella Falling Guy

Game Umbrella Falling Guy online.

Guys love risk, so they are arranged by mother nature. Our hero, Henry loves to experience fate and he has a dream - to become a paratrooper. It is known that landing forces often have to jump with a parachute. The boy still does not have such an opportunity, so he decided to use improvised means for training. He found a large umbrella in the closet and climbed onto the roof of the house. Desperate tomboy does not frighten the altitude, he does not hesitate to jump and soars in the air, held by the currents of the wind. Umbrella does not give him a stone to fall to the ground, but in the air is also full of obstacles. Manage the umbrella in the game Umbrella Falling Guy, so that Henry landed safely.

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