Game Farmer's Hamster online

Game Farmer's Hamster

Game Farmer's Hamster online.

Everyone who has pets will understand a funny fat man in Farmer's Hamster. He loves his little pet - a hamster and in every possible way spoils him with all sorts of goodies. The rodent does not live in a cage, he is free to walk around the house, but outside the walls the farmer tries not to let the animal out so he does not get lost. But one day the owner forgot to close the door and the beast jumped out into the street. He was stunned by the variety and rushed to explore the neighborhood. Discovering the loss, the farmer fell into despair and sad. But you can help him, because you probably know where the shalunka is stuck. He climbed a mountain of building materials and is now afraid to go down. Remove unnecessary obstacles so that the hamster slides right into the hands of the owner.

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