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The endless world of tanks awaits you in the game Fintank. io. Build, destroy, achieve victory by any means, including, and destruction of the enemy. But first think about development, your tank is in a state of minimal technical parameters to hold out. Quickly start fussing, finding and collecting yellow circles around the field - these are coins. For them you can attack and build. Next to the car the number is constantly burning - this is the amount of cash. You can destroy the walls if you see a solid stock of gold left by rivals. The strength of the wall is determined by firing, the darker, the stronger. Kill the bots, blue - the source of income, red bots do not touch until you gain strength. Gray tanks are the same blue, but with a solid stock of money and at the same time more aggressive. With the elimination of yellow get health. Continually move so that you are not thrown out of the game.

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