Game Salvage Guns online

Game Salvage Guns

Game Salvage Guns online.

Tanks and trucks will become the main characters in the game Salvage Guns. Choose what you like best, but keep in mind the tank is hard to hit, and the truck can collect barrels for money. In addition, you can install a gun in the body and then you will have the opportunity to fire off the tanks. Pay attention to the left upper corner, there is a warehouse with barrels. They are protected by powerful weapons, but for the sake of big money you can take a chance, it's worth it. To restore health, collect trophies, and for this you need to beat opponents. The tank will periodically leave the tank, it's hard to beat, but if it succeeds, get a big jackpot. In the middle of the field a railway track is laid, an armored train is moving along it. Shoot it, it's an opportunity to get extra trophies.

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