Game War pix io online

Game War pix io

Game War pix io online.

Possession of unlimited power is the pink dream of many, even if they do not admit it. In the game War pix io ​​you can realize, but only on the expanses of the world of Maynkraft. Your hero will become one of the many inhabitants of the magicians and will begin the battle for power from the very beginning. Having got to the vast expanses, immediately, do not hesitate to search for and collect mushrooms, it is not hallucinogenic, but quite magical. Collect the blue mushrooms to replenish the strip of the same color in the upper left corner, it means experience. It will also increase if you destroy an opponent. The level of experience is very important for the magician. Red gib will increase the player's HP, and the yellow will take five HP. The appearance of the hero can be changed, for this will be given a lot of opportunities.

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