Game Punhos da uerdade Brutal online

Game Punhos da uerdade Brutal

Game Punhos da uerdade Brutal online.

In a typical Brazilian family, two brothers live: the younger Jorel and the elder Yorel. The eldest is handsome, everyone loves him, the guy does not need to be bullied by any girl. Jorel still has problems with this, he is only eight years old and the boy does not stand out with good looks. He wants to become as popular as his brother, but so far he has failed. His idol is Steve Magal, a brutal man with a prominent chin. It will be from the hero of the game Punhos da uerdade Brutal, where you will help him to engage in a fight with bandits who offend the local beauty Jennifer. Use the arrows to move, IOEP keys - for different types of impact.

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