Game Chu-Chu Wreck Train online

Game Chu-Chu Wreck Train

Game Chu-Chu Wreck Train online.

Two trains run at great speed and try to outrun each other. Since the game Chu-Chu Wreck Train is designed for two, you will compete with a real rival. Your task is to make sure that the train does not fall. In order to do this, you will need good care and, of course, agility in overcoming obstacles. On the way, you will come across bonus items, they are desirable to collect in order to earn more points. After all, if two trains reach the finish line, then the winner will be selected by the number of earned points. In the game you can play one, but then you'll have to operate the trains with two hands, which is also quite interesting, whether you yourself can finish the huge locomotives and not break them.

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