Game Kogama Slender 3D online

Game Kogama Slender 3D

Game Kogama Slender 3D online.

One of the most famous monsters, Slenderman, was able to penetrate into the world of Kogam and now he leads the hunt for the souls of the inhabitants who live there. You in the game Kogama Slender 3D, along with other players will have to confront him. Your hero will be in a dark gloomy and mysterious forest. Somewhere in it are hidden various ancient artifacts collecting which you can connect them with each other and with its help to destroy the Slenderman. Therefore, run through the forest and look for the glow. It is there that these items will be located. Remember that along with you will be looking for them and other players. Therefore, quite often you will have to engage them in battle for the possession of these objects.

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