Game Ninja Action online

Game Ninja Action

Game Ninja Action online.

In ancient Japan, there was a special caste of warriors, who were called ninjas. They were considered the best masters of espionage and secretive penetration into any of the most protected fortresses. Today in the game Ninja Action, we will help one of them to fulfill his mission, which he ordered the head of the order. Our hero needs to enter a protected castle in a mountain valley. For this he has put on special equipment that will help him to run not only on the floor but also on the ceiling. You will need to look carefully at the screen. Once your character runs to the failure in the ground you will need to click on the screen. Then your hero will jump and catch on the ceiling on which he will continue to move. So, alternating with its location in space, we will move forward. Just try to collect gold coins that will come across on the way.

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