Game Marble Duel online

Game Marble Duel

Game Marble Duel online.

The game Marble Duel takes you to the Red Forest, where the host feels bad and terrible wolf Brogus. He is confronted by the young sorceress Evie and her friend Held. The girl does not yet know about her magical abilities, they still have to be revealed. You will do this together, in the course of the matter, fighting with the shaggy villain. If you drop all the fairy-tale preludes, the classic zoom awaits you, but you will shoot at moving balls in turn with the character you are opposed to. First you will have a short but very detailed training course and quickly learn in the magic forest. We hope that the huge predator will not frighten you with its ferocious appearance and it will not hinder to deftly hit the balls, forming three or more identical ones.

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