Game Jelly Mario bros. online

Game Jelly Mario bros.

Game Jelly Mario bros. online.

In the Mushroom kingdom came another trouble and even that the princess was kidnapped for the hundredth time, almost no one noticed. But everything is in order. One day, waking up, all the inhabitants of the kingdom were in the jelly world. Everything: plants, animals, birds, buildings and the inhabitants themselves became rubbery, viscous and slow. It turned out that the evil Bowser in collaboration with the inadequate alchemist created a magical solution. At night, when everyone was asleep, the villain sprayed it over the world of Mario and turned it into a jelly-fish world, and dragged the princess. Help the plumber again to save the beauty, with great difficulty overcoming the jelly path. Take care of the character's head, it can explode from impact in Jelly Mario bros.

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