Game Chrono Ninja: Trickster Unleashed online

Game Chrono Ninja: Trickster Unleashed

Game Chrono Ninja: Trickster Unleashed online.

Chrono ninja sets out on a space journey. Flying through the atmosphere, he admired the picturesque views with ecstasy until his spacecraft crashed and found himself on the uninhabited planet Chrono Ninja: Trickster Unleashed. Now he is waiting for new adventures, because the terrain, the threshold of which his foot has crossed, is completely unknown to him. Wearing a suit on his head, he goes to explore the neighborhood. The company in your face is just right for him and the two are not afraid of anything. Wade from one platform to another, pick up a carrot that will replenish the energy of your traveler and look for a repair shop for a spaceship.

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