Game Elsa Anna Save Olaf 2 online

Game Elsa Anna Save Olaf 2

Game Elsa Anna Save Olaf 2 online.

Global warming touched and Ehrendela. The icy magic of Elsa ceased to function and the anthropomorphic snowman Olaf began to melt noticeably. Anna and Elsa decided to urgently rescue a friend, and for this they will have to go on a long journey to the northern regions to find ice. Girls will have to go a long way, overcome a bunch of obstacles, avoid a lot of pitfalls and only by supporting each other they can achieve the goal. You, too, must play together with a partner in a friendly manner, not competing and not quarreling. Arrows and ASDW are used for control. In the icy realm there are enough dangerous places, take the sisters to the snowman.

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