Game Lil' Stalingrad online

Game Lil' Stalingrad

Game Lil' Stalingrad online.

Transfer to Stalingrad, where your hero is entrusted with a very important mission. Its tasks include not only the destruction of any kind of enemies, but also a sabotage operation that will help liberate the city. At your disposal will be a quick-fire machine, with his help you can safely destroy enemies and keep them to yourself. But be careful if the enemy shoots, then try to evade the projectile, otherwise perish. Break the boxes in them can be useful for the passage of the game subjects. With the passage of levels of enemies will increase, do not lose their vigilance, they can sneak up to you from behind or completely encircle. Get to the enemy base, destroy the commander and free the city in the game Lil 'Stalingrad.

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