Game Rosie's Ballerina Dress online

Game Rosie's Ballerina Dress

Game Rosie's Ballerina Dress online.

Meet the adorable girl named Rosie. She is engaged in ballet dances and wants to become a famous ballerina. Usually dresses for appearances on stage are sewn to order, so when a beauty needed an ordinary outfit for a party, she decided to order it from you. Today the premiere of the play took place, where the dancer performed the main role. The success was grandiose and all friends, relatives and colleagues decided to celebrate the event with a festive party. On you in Rosie's Ballerina Dress is the responsibility - to come up with and realize the model of dress for the event. Choose a bodice and a skirt, add a bow or a beautiful belt. To the ready-made dress, pick up your purse, shoes and ornaments.

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