Game Mimi Mishki: Brave Tipa online

Game Mimi Mishki: Brave Tipa

Game Mimi Mishki: Brave Tipa online.

Mimimishka by the name of Tsyp is very pugnacious and can not miss anyone who is going to pass him. In fights, he constantly spoiled clothes, so his mother-chicken sowed a pugnacious son a new set of training clothes from the magazine for boys Mimi Mishki: Brave Tipa. Now Chypka walks in a new suit and in every way brags about her new thing. Want to see how it looks really, then rather join the fun. To see the image of the cockerel, it is necessary to restore the picture from a multitude of pieces. Fold one piece to the other and get a colorful picture with a story of what is happening.

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