Game Monsters, Inc. Sneak-a-Boo online

Game Monsters, Inc. Sneak-a-Boo

Game Monsters, Inc. Sneak-a-Boo online.

In the game Monsters, Inc. Sneak-a-Boo, you and I will get into the building of the Monsters Corporation. There were three bosom friends and now they need to leave the building urgently. To do this, you need to go through the floors and corridors of the building and get out. To do this, using the keys to move the monsters, you will have to walk through the building. On the way, collect various items that will help your heroes break free. Just remember that the monsters are walking along the floors of the guards and if they catch you, they can send it to the laboratory to conduct experiments. Therefore, plan your route so that you can bypass them.

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