Game Doctor Strange 5 Differences online

Game Doctor Strange 5 Differences

Game Doctor Strange 5 Differences online.

All the characters of the Marvel Universe are good in their own way, but Dr. Strange is different from the rest. He can not be called a villain, but he can not be called an exceptionally good hero. In this complex person many things are mixed. His talent and willpower made a great magician out of the ordinary man and it is worthy of respect. Sometimes it is dominated by the dark side, sometimes light, but more often than not it is neutral and stands on balance in a world where super heroes are constantly fighting super villains. In the game Doctor Strange 5 Differences you will see the hero next to the Spider-Man, they've had a fight together. But you will not participate in fights, it is enough to find five differences between pairs of pictures. The original is below, note the differences in the upper figure.