Game A place for the Forgotten online

Game A place for the Forgotten

Game A place for the Forgotten online.

The captain of a pirate ship died at the mercy of his comrades. Since he had not robbed anyone for a long time and could not service his team, they threw him overboard. However, his faithful friend is a monkey who always decided with him to pull him from the seabed. For this, she goes to the world of ghosts, where she needs to find her captain. The path is very dangerous because in the dusk you can not see where to go. To pass the path and not run into the evil ghost, you need to wait for a flash of light that periodically appears, remember the path with obstacles and not get on them. If you pass the labyrinth within ten seconds and stay alive, you will be able to move to the level more difficult in the game A place for the Forgotten.

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