Game Supper Soccer Noggins online

Game Supper Soccer Noggins

Game Supper Soccer Noggins online.

In the game Super Soccer Noggins, we will go to the country of the Lilliputians. There are also a lot of football fans here and quite often organize various competitions in this sport. We'll try to play it in the same way. The match will be played in a one-on-one format. Before you on the screen you can see the football field. Your character as well as the enemy will stand in the gate wings. In the center of the field will appear a judge on the helicopter and will enter the game of the ball. You will have to immediately jerk to the center of the field and try to get hold of the ball. Then try to throw him through the opponent or press him to his goal and then strike at the goal. Win in the match is the one who will score the most goals in the opponent's goal.