Game Mage war online

Game Mage war

Game Mage war online.

You are fond of the genre of fantasy, then you will like the character you will embody in the game Mage war. You will become a real magician, but you will end up in a period of endless wars between wizards. Their last time has become too much. Everyone thinks of himself as a steep magician, and this is still to be proved. Immerse yourself in the fiery abyss of war and manifest your abilities as a strategist. Spells are mass, they still need to be used to the place and on time. To buy new spells, you need to have points, and you will get them by defeating the next opponent who has the same task. Throwing spells, be precise, you can not always hit the target, especially if you are too far away. Be able to use all the factors: a map of the terrain, the power of spells and the power of the enemy only then you will become a real magician.

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