Game Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses online

Game Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses

Game Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses online.

Become a red dragon in the game Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses. To do this, you need to start hatch from the egg. Grow grass, get sheep, and make an egg break so that a dragon appears. Begin to feed him intensively so that he gains weight and strength. To get the offspring of animals, drag the grass to the area of ​​the paddock, and to feed the dragon, throw the sheep into the cliff. Dissolve the wolves, they will carry the sheep, and you them to increase the attack power of your main character. When you accumulate enough power, go to the map and choose your opponent. His victory will bring gold coins, which you can increase the level of the farm and the number of wolf packs. Defeat everyone, steal the princess, elf and gnome to gain extra magical abilities.

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