Game Ghostly Getaway online

Game Ghostly Getaway

Game Ghostly Getaway online.

For the sake of a true friend, any normal man is ready to sacrifice his life and no matter who a friend is, even if it is a small pink piglet, as in our Ghostly Getaway story. The gallant cowboy discovered the loss of a pig in the morning and went in search. He knew that the pig was very curious and could get into dangerous underground catacombs, where he was strictly forbidden to go. They tried to avoid the dungeon, they said that evil spirits live there. But the hero was not afraid, but boldly stepped under the stone vaults. Do not leave him alone. Move the blocks, laying paths, find the prisoner and save. And then the hero needs to go on sharp thorns to turn into a ghost, only so he can pass through steel grids.

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