Game Sky Empire: Conquerors online

Game Sky Empire: Conquerors

Game Sky Empire: Conquerors online.

Somewhere high in the clouds, hidden from prying eyes, islands are hovering, interconnected by strong chains and shaky bridges. This is the Heavenly Empire, which was once famous for its greatness and power. But with the death of a single ruler, internecine wars began and a huge state collapsed. In the game Sky Empire: Conquerors you have every chance to revive a great state, to collect land and build a powerful defense. Do not miss your chance to enter the game story. Start the revival, building the necessary buildings and structures, repairing old buildings. Immediately think about protection, as soon as the neighbors see that you are gaining strength, they will try to attack you. Build barracks so that your warriors feel the care of the ruler. On the peasants and artisans, too, do not forget. Put houses, break and sow the fields, build the necessary facilities for processing the harvest, sawmills for processing wood, mines for ore mining, special buildings where you will learn magic and learn new skills. You will need a lot of metal for the manufacture of weapons and building materials for construction. Explore the territory in which you live, there are secret mystical places, but they are guarded by terrible monsters. If you want to get to the fabulous treasures, you will have to fight with monsters. The territory is large enough and there is a lot of unknown on it. New technologies are the path to development, do not forget to develop them in special buildings that also need to be built. Do not do without magic, you are given the opportunity to look into the magic book and learn a lot of spells. They will come in handy in a battle with magical creatures. Choose which foreign policy you intend to pursue: peaceful or aggressive. You can attack weak neighbors, taking away land and resources. However, if you choose a different policy, you can focus on the development of the city, and respond adequately to external invasion. If your army is strong enough and prepared, you can live in peace, developing and further. The game provides a lot of opportunities to implement their ideas. You will build a magnificent city according to your ideas, caring for those who live in it. The magnificent drawing of all the elements, the amazing animation of the battles will conquer you and you literally immerse yourself in the turbulent life of the Kingdom of Heaven, not noticing the time.

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