Game Throne Kingdom at War online

Game Throne Kingdom at War

Game Throne Kingdom at War online.

It is worth the monarch to give God the soul, especially if it happened suddenly, as civil strife and the battle for the throne begin. The glitter of the golden crown attracts those who are worthy and completely unworthy. In the kingdom of the Amarians, the ruler died, leaving behind not only a heir, he did not even think about the receiver. He ruled for many years and kept several lands in check, and after his death everything fell apart. Welcome to the alternative Middle Ages of Throne Kingdom at War. Lord of origin has every right to claim the throne. But to achieve the goal leads a long road, covered with the corpses of enemies, and creative work for the benefit of all subjects. After squabbles and strife, the kingdom lies in ruin, it's time you think about reviving the former greatness and building a powerful and strong empire. Start building buildings and structures, raise citizens' education to a higher level by building an Academy and conducting research in it to gain access to new opportunities. Expand and replenish the army with new warriors: spearmen, knights, arrows, scouts, cavalry. Train them and constantly raise the combat level, do not spare the means and forces. First of all, think about the protection of the city, because the enemies will try to attack without fail. Let the fortress become impregnable. However, there is nothing eternal and no matter how you strengthen and develop, there will always be someone who is stronger. Therefore, it is time to think about joining the Union or the foundation of your own Order. Cooperating with your neighbors, you can repel any enemy, no matter how strong he is. But do not completely trust everyone. It is necessary to think strategically, considering the consequences of your steps, do not commit rash acts. Impersonation of the user in the game will be the Hero. He is the main commander of the Lord and his closest ally. Do not let your boss, improve continuously, getting new skills, powerful weapons. Leading the army on campaigns, the Hero strengthens it and significantly increases the chances of winning. Gradually, you will become strong and almost invincible, but it will not happen soon. But remember that among the closest friends may be enemy spies or apostates who sold for a copper farthing. Be always on guard, do not let yourself and the army be caught off guard. Justify the Lord’s hopes and help him win the throne he longs for.

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