Game Bubble Guppies Bubble Scrubbies online

Game Bubble Guppies Bubble Scrubbies

Game Bubble Guppies Bubble Scrubbies online.

In the world where bubble guppies live, an insidious huge nose has appeared. It runs and spreads a dangerous virus. Where it appears everyone begins to sneeze and cough, the temperature rises. Molly and Jill decided to catch and drive away the harmful peddler of the virus. Choose a character to run after the Nose. In the meantime, the hero will run away, along the way you need to collect boxes with paper handkerchiefs to distribute them to all infected, if the hero himself gets sick, you need to quickly find and drink healthy fruit juice and the symptoms of the disease will immediately go to the Bubble Guppies Bubble Scrubbies.

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