Game Orbit online

Game Orbit

Game Orbit online.

Not dozens, but hundreds of satellites revolve around our planet. They provide us with a pleasant viewing of TV programs, connection of telephones and the Internet. Tracking and observation of individual objects is carried out from satellites. An ordinary layman is hardly aware of what satellites can do, and their functionality is huge. In the Orbit game we are not interested in all the satellites, but only the single most important one. His tasks are strictly classified and will not even be revealed to you. You must ensure its safety also because it rotates in a completely different orbit than the others. This orbit intersects with the orbit along which the asteroid belt moves. There is a constant risk of collision. And this cannot be allowed. Until scientists figured out how to solve this problem, you must manually control the satellite. Brake by tapping the screen when you need to skip the asteroid and release to continue the flight.

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