Game Umaigra Big Puzzle Australia online

Game Umaigra Big Puzzle Australia

Game Umaigra Big Puzzle Australia online.

On the huge mainland Australia is located the state of the same name. It is washed by the Pacific and Indian Ocean, and the capital is the city of Canberra. It is located in the interior of the mainland. Big Australian cities are on everyone's lips: Sydney with its unique architecture of the opera house is the main attraction of the country. You've probably heard of the cities: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide. The unique fauna of Australia, its hallmark is, of course, a kangaroo, koala, platypus. In our set of eight jigsaw puzzles, you will see these animals, as well as magnificent city, sea and desert landscapes. Our puzzles in the game Umaigra Big Puzzle Australia are for those who are no longer new to the assembly of puzzles, because each picture breaks down into two hundred and sixteen small pieces. In addition, you can choose the shape of the fragment and the assembly method: simple installation or slide.

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