Game Super Sniper Online online

Game Super Sniper Online

Game Super Sniper Online online.

Our sniper in the game Super Sniper Online has accumulated so much work that he cannot cope without your help. At each level, two or more targets are waiting for you and they dance on the platforms in complete confidence that the shooter will not reach them, but in vain. The hero is located far enough from his goals, but it does not matter. The rifle has a telescopic sight and shoots hundreds of meters. Look into the optics and it will bring you closer to the goals, they will be in front of you at a glance. The task is to destroy with a minimum number of shots. If everyone disappears from one shot, this will be the best option. This is possible if you use barrels with explosives or knock down the supports under the stickmen, or fill up boxes or blocks on them. Assess the situation and then shoot.

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