Game Balmy Village Escape online

Game Balmy Village Escape

Game Balmy Village Escape online.

No matter how pleasant the place is, if you are not in it of your own free will, it automatically turns into a prison. The hero of the game Balmy Village Escape found himself in a lovely village. It looks like a fabulous village with cute houses, well-groomed paths and flower beds in the front gardens. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining - an idyllic picture. Villagers' houses are different, each is interesting in its own way. One looks like a large anthill, and the other is made of stone, the third is earthen with a grass roof. Our hero happened to be here by accident, walking in the woods and going too far. The village opened before him unexpectedly and he was surprised. However, after taking a walk around it, she realized that the place here was strange. When he was about to leave, every path brought him back again. It is necessary to solve all the puzzles, only then the village will let the guest go.

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