Game Rescue The Oceanographer online

Game Rescue The Oceanographer

Game Rescue The Oceanographer online.

The ocean occupies most of the surface of our planet, it needs to be studied and oceanographers do it. High tides, low tides, undercurrents, marine life - all this and much more is studied by experts in oceanography. To do this, they need to live near the sea, which is what our hero does. He is still a young scientist and is an assistant to an older and wiser mentor. Today they planned to descend on the bathyscaphe, but when our hero came to work, his senior colleague was not there, he went down himself. More than an hour had passed, but there was no news. The hero got worried and decided to follow him down. You, too, join Rescue The Oceanographer, for sure the oceanographer needs help and you can provide it.

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