Game Laqueus Escape: Chapter III online

Game Laqueus Escape: Chapter III

Game Laqueus Escape: Chapter III online.

Young guy Tom got a job in an ancient castle for a mysterious family of dukes. As it turned out, these people were serial killers and now they want to torture our guy to death. They were able to give the guy sleeping pills and threw him into a dungeon. In Laqueus Escape: Chapter III you will help your hero to escape. Tom was able to get out of the cell. Now he will need to go through the corridors and rooms of the castle in order to find a way to freedom. Almost all doors on the route will be closed. Also, in some places, various traps will be installed, which your hero will have to overcome. For this he will need certain items. You will have to find them. To do this, just carefully examine everything around and, having found the object you need, with a click of the mouse, drag it to your inventory.

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