Game MineGuy: Unblockable online

Game MineGuy: Unblockable

Game MineGuy: Unblockable online.

Many levels are waiting for you and they will all take place in the vastness of the world you know well called Minecraft. You have to look there periodically, because it can be hot there. And now the game MineGuy: Unblockable urgently requires your intervention. The first symptoms of the zombie virus appeared in the block world. Several inhabitants have already become infected and the infection is spreading very quickly. It is no longer possible to walk the streets without weapons, so stock up on something more reliable than a stick. There are various weapons and ammunition on the tables, and there you will also find first-aid kits for treatment. Wounds cannot be avoided in a skirmish with the living dead, they try to attack in groups, and you destroy them one by one.

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