Game Goodly Mouse Escape online

Game Goodly Mouse Escape

Game Goodly Mouse Escape online.

The little mouse lived happily, warm and full. She was very lucky, before she was an ordinary mouse that huddled under the floor in one of the houses. From time to time she jumped out into a hole in the wall and scoured the kitchen, looking for something edible. One day a girl, the daughter of the hostess, saw her and treated her to a piece of delicious cheese. Since then, she began to feed the mouse and soon she became completely tame and made friends with the girl. She sometimes took a new girlfriend with her for a walk, but one day the mouse got lost. She slipped out of her purse just out of curiosity and lost sight of her mistress. Help the mouse to return home again, where it is loved and eagerly awaited. To do this, in Goodly Mouse Escape you have to solve a bunch of puzzles.

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