Game TU-95 online

Game TU-95

Game TU-95 online.

The vast expanses, the endless blue of the sky! Freedom! It must be felt by all the fibers of one's own soul! One can not tell how the plane behaves when it detaches itself from the hard ground and rises high into the sky, but you can try to find out when you are at the helm. And today you have this unique opportunity. At the military aerodrome, there was just one more, perfectly equipped aircraft TU-95, which proved to be a very reliable form of transport in the skies. You also have to test it in the field first, so that you can then use it in full in a military operation against enemy positions, which is so necessary now! As a pilot, you are considered to be a wonderful specialist, so you will not be so difficult, but even with all the skills available, you will have to work hard to find a common language with your new metal comrade, on which your safety will depend hundreds of miles above the ground !!

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