Game TU-95 online

Game TU-95

Game TU-95 online.

Boundless spaces, endless blue expanse of heaven! Freedom! It must be felt with every fiber of his soul! You can not tell how to behave in the plane, looking up from the hard ground and soaring high in the sky, but you can try to find it, was at the controls. And now you have this unique opportunity. At a military airfield just have another, well-equipped Tu-95, which has established itself as a highly reliable form of transport in the skies. You also have to start to test it in the field, that could then be in full use in military operations against the enemy positions that are now so necessary! As a pilot, you are considered a wonderful technician, so you will not be so difficult, but even with all the available stock of skills, you will have hard work to find a common language with his new metal friend, that will affect your safety at hundreds of miles above the earth !

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