Game Truck Loader 3 online

Game Truck Loader 3

Game Truck Loader 3 online.

This story is about a small, but very hardworking robot loader, which is already so tired here and there to drag the box so heavy boxes into a truck that even his tenacious holders do not rise more. Here only the chief of absolutely nothing to do with the fatigue of the workers, he has a plan to be executed, so everyone wants them to or not, have to fulfill their duties and it should be done in good faith! If our hero is not loaded all the time you need in a car, it will be deprived of contentment, and it is a real death for the little robot, so he so desperately need your help. Let's do everything we can to get another box and put then on the right place in the back of the wagon. Only after the warehouse there will be no ordered boxes, kid-robot can be a little rest, and with our help, this hunky cope with the task much faster and thus can relax and longer!

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