Game Alien: Attack Team online

Game Alien: Attack Team

Game Alien: Attack Team online.

Since childhood you very much annoyed anyone, even the most minor crime. That's why you did not think twice about his future career, because your life was originally closely connected with the law of you will get an excellent guardian of order, which is adamant in his fortitude and confidence in justice. Today, you have no time to check yourself for strength, because it is in your duty, most gangs have been drawn into the general criminal act which must be prevented by all means. Remember every second that you do not have to get up on the sides, for your place - it's neutrality, which is and should remain as such. That's just no criminal element should not leave you unscathed! if you miss even one offender, the whole vast raid on the group may be in jeopardy, which will necessarily lead to a very disastrous results!

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